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Hello :3 this is my blog based around the life of being a type 1 diabetic. THis blog is more about motivating myself to look after myself better.i hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask anything :)

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How do I ask my mother if I can stay at a boys house without her saying no? Like all we want to do is watch the walking dead and play fight.

fangirl-with-a-camera asked: I am a type 2 diabetic and nearly everyday I see a post on the internet about how ALL type 2's are obese and I don't think people realise that its not the case! I have had so many people tell me I must be fat because of what they have seen online (but I am not obese, that is me in my icon so there is some proof). do type 1's get the same shit or is it just the type 2's, I just wanna know that I am not the only one. being called obese daily is really starting to hurt.


Sometimes people say stuff to type 1s but I don’t think it’s as often for example when I was diagnosed 2 of my friends came into the hospital and one of them said “I never really thought you were fat but I guess I see it now” that comment hurt so badly because at that point I weighed 48kgs which for someone with my build is very underweight, I sort of know your feelings but probably not as well as I could :p tbh most people don’t know I’m diabetic so they don’t say anything

ilovepugs98-deactivated20140402 asked: Once I had a FELLOW DIABETIC, someone who I ha never talked to before, come into my inbox and bash me because she put a comment in a picture of chocolate cake that said 'way to get diabetes, fatass'. I commented on the post explaining that diabetes isn't caused by sugar. She called me names and told me that she was diabetic too and I was an asshole. And nowhere on her blog did it say she was diabetic. It kills me when diabetics contribute to the ignorance. Love the blog :)


Yea it annoys me too, they really need to make more of awareness between type 1 and type 2 :)

reblog if your icon is a sex god from the high heavens


fuck yes

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I was in band today and the diabetic kid that sits next to me just finished checking his blood sugar, and he decided to draw a smiley face on his music using his own blood.

changlingkitty asked: You've been a diabetic for nearly four years? So have I! I got diagnosed on the 14th of September 2010.


I was 9th of June 2010 :)

Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm also type 1 diabetic. I undestand how do you feel: sometimes I'm a bit worried about my future, but know I'm not the one, makes me feel less uneasy. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes, I'm Italian.) I've Paradigm Veo, you know, a insulin pump. I love it. It makes me feel normal. I hope they will find a cure soon: I want to buy a big bar of chocolate and eat it! I'm sorry for disturbing you.


Disturb me all you like :) I love hearing from other people, makes me remember that I’m not alone in this

Anonymous asked: Holy shit way to pass off ignorance as fact with that diabetes meme. Poor lifestyle choices including consumption of high amounts of sugar can absolutely cause type 2 diabetes.



Do you mean this meme? 


Let me educate you a little here. Your statement that sugar causes diabetes (any type) is the ignorant one, not mine.

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the pancreas produces little to no insulin. Not preventable, no cure.

Type 2 Diabetes is insulin resistance. IT’S GENETIC. While poor diet and/or lifestyle choices can contribute to the development of type 2, it is not a direct cause. You can eat 20 fucking candy bars a day for 20 years, and IT WILL NOT GIVE YOU DIABETES. ANYBODY can develop Type 2 Diabetes if they have the gene for it - even fit, healthy, athletic people who eat all organic healthy foods. You do not have to be unhealthy to develop it, and living an unhealthy lifestyle will not directly cause your body to develop it.

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for over 10 years - do NOT come into my ask box and anonymously spread your stupid ignorance like the cowardly pussy you apparently are. Don’t you dare try to tell me false nonsense about my disease.

I do thank you, however, for reminding me of that meme. I’m very proud of it, considering it’s one of the few diabetes related memes on the internet that spreads TRUTH about this unforgiving disease. Now I can share it some more.

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